FD210 智能扭矩测试仪

◆ 采用夹具固定灯头方式,可测量灯头的正反扭矩
     The forward and reverse torques can be measured after the lamp adaptor being clamped in the jigs
◆ 测量范围(特殊量程可定制):0-10N·m 
     Measure range (special range can be made-to-order): 0-10N·m 
◆ 配备各类灯头E27、E26、B22d、E14、G5、G13的测量夹具,测试方便,特殊灯头夹具可定制
     Easy to measure torque with jigs provided for different kind of lamp adaptors, such as E27, E26, B22d, E14, 
     G5, G13, jigs for special lamp adaptor can be made-to-order
◆ 采用应变片式扭矩传感器,可靠性高,精度高,寿命长 
     Adopt strain gauge type torque sensor, with high reliability, high accuracy and long life
◆ 四位表头显示,分辩率高,上限可设定报警 
     4 digits  display, upper limit freely  set, with out of limit alarming function