UI2002 电子镇流器输出特性分析仪

◆ 测量稳态灯电压、灯电流、灯功率、振荡频率、灯丝电流、导入阴级电流,及波峰系数 
    Measure lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power, oscillatory frequency,  filament current, guided cathode current, 
    and crest factors 
◆ 测量启动过程灯电压、灯电流、灯丝电流、导入阴级电流0~5秒的变化曲线及参数、预热时间 
    Measure changing curves and values of startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, cathode current from 0 
    to 5 seconds, as well as the pre-heat time
◆ 精度 Accuracy: Class 2 
◆ 打印所有数据和曲线,配电脑可显示所有数据和曲线
    Data and curves printable. All the data and curves can be displayed after being connected with PC