EMC500 电磁兼容·传导干扰测试系统

功能及技术指标 (EMC500接收机):
◆ 仪器扫频范围:9kHz~300MHz
◆ 测量峰值、准峰值、平均值电平范围:20dBμV~120dBμV
◆ 扫描带宽:9kHz~150kHz:200Hz;150kHz~30MHz:9kHz;30MHz~300MHz:120kHz
◆ 频率扫描步长:9kHz~150kHz:100Hz、200Hz、400Hz可选择
◆ 测试时间:9kHz~150kHz:  峰值 50~500ms可设置;准峰值4000~15000ms可设置
                       150kHz~30MHz: 峰值、平均值5~500ms可设置;准峰值2000~15000ms可设置
                       30MHz~300MHz: 峰值、平均值2~500ms可设置;准峰值1000~8000ms可设置
◆ 接收机总不确定度:±3dB
◆ 输入阻抗50Ω,输入信号最大值2V,并在5V处保护
◆ 标准可以自由增添。为方便用户,仪器自带GB17743、FCC、EN55015、GB4343等多个标准,根据需要直接调用
◆ 提供中文版或英文版软件,在Windows98/2000/XP/Vista下运行,画面美观,操作简单
◆ 打印格式规范,可彩色打印
◆ 仪器供电220V/50Hz±10%

Characteristics and Technical Data (EMC500 EMI Receiver):
◆ Range of sweeping frequency: 9kHz~300MHz
◆ Range of peak value, quasi-value, average value: 20dBμV~120 dBμV
◆ Sweeping band width: 9kHz~150kHz: 200Hz; 150kHz~30MHz: 9kHz; 30MHz ~300MHz: 120kHz
◆ Step length of sweeping frequency: 9kHz~150kHz: 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz selectable
                                                                   150kHz~30MHz: 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz selectable
                                                                   30MHz ~300MHz: 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz selectable
◆ Range of test time: 9kHz~150kHz: for peak value: 50~500ms, for quasi-value: 1000~15000ms
                                      150kHz~30MHz: for peak value and average value: 5~500ms, for quasi-value: 1000~15000ms
                                      30MHz ~300MHz: for peak value and average value: 2~500ms, for quasi-value: 1000~8000ms
◆ Accuracy: ±3dB
◆ Input resistance 50Ω, max input signal is 2V and protected at 5V
◆ New standard can be added in freely and easily. For your convenience, GB17743, FCC, EN55015, GB4343 
    standards are already in instrument, user can choose to use any of them directly
◆ Offer software both in Chinese and English version, running under Windows98/2000/XP/Vista, nice-looking,
    easy to operate
◆ Nice report format, support color print
◆ Power supply for instrument: 220V/50Hz ±10%